Fragile Burns

Kristie - Crystal Reed.
Chris - Harry Styles.
Mom - Kate Winslet.


2. Chapter 2.

Kristie let a sigh emerge from her lips as she placed the small Diary back onto the top of her nightstand, her gaze hovered over to the alarm clock next to her; 6:00. Her eyes were squinted from the light that seemed to leak through the curtains that hung from her window, she slowly propped herself up off of the bed and opened up the curtains, a yawn emerging from her lips as she did so. "Can it just be summer again?" She asked, yet another sigh coming from her mouth as she walks towards her closet. 

Opening the door she would grab a floral print dress, a big cardigan, and some reddish-brown boots to complete the outfit; stripping from her current pj's she threw out the outfit she had just pulled together. Kristie would walk out of her room and roam into the bathroom, prepping her face and applying a little bit of mascara and eyeliner and then brushing the knots out of her hair, another yawn coming from her lips.

"Kristie!" Yelled her mother.

"I'm already up and dress-" 

"No, no, get your brother up!"

"Alright Mom." She yelled back, ending the conversation and then exiting the bathroom.

Walking down the long hallway she'd walk to her brothers room and pound her fist against the door, then leaning up against it to rest herself. "Get up! You're going to make us late." She yelled, pounding the door with her fist once more before hearing the wooden floor creek, which meant he'd finally got up.

"I'm getting up, Kris.. I'm up." He muttered from within the room.

"Alright.. Try not to look gross." She attempted to joke, it was early in the morning so of course her joke didn't come out as intended. Sighing she then ran down the stairs leading to the front door and she slid around the corner with her boots, running into the kitchen and grabbing a few bags of the mini cereals, then reaching over to the island chair she grabbed her bag and stuffed the bags of cereal into the backpack. Moments later her brother ended up downstairs, boy did he look tired.

"You're not going to brush your hair or anything? Looks like you got drun--" Before she could say another word her words were cut off.

"Shut up, Kay." He mumbled while passing her, snatching one of the bags of cereal from her.

"I'll drive us to school today Mom, no need for you to get up." 

"Oh really? Thanks dear." 

"Alright, let's go Chris." I demanded before throwing the bag over my shoulder and walking towards the door, like an obedient dog he followed behind leading us out to the car.

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