Fragile Burns

Kristie - Crystal Reed.
Chris - Harry Styles.
Mom - Kate Winslet.


1. Chapter 1.

     Dear Diary,

                      Well today is September 3rd and that means the first day of school, it also means it's the first day entering the gates of hell that in someway I've been surviving since kindergarten. Classes start pretty early this year, around 7:30, but luckily I have most of my classes with some of my best friends. I can't wait to see Sam, Daniel, and Emma! It's been the whole summer, well most of the summer anyways, half way through my parents sent me to go live with my Aunt in California because she's a big star and all and at the time my family really couldn't provide for all four of us.. The fourth being my other brother Chris, me and him got really close this summer even though he didn't take the situation as well as I did. Well, got to go and get ready, if I don't write within the next 9 hours, it means school has finally killed me by boredom.

                             ~ Kristie ♥

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