The Death Of Me

You go to Dubai with Alfie but something amazing happens


8. 8.

"Luke I don't know let me think about it and I'll tell you tonight ok" I said shocked "babe you take all the time you need" Luke said I Know I love him I really want to move with him I just didn't want to say it in front of very one vlogging.

--skip to night--

"Luke I made up my mind" I told him "oh great" he replied "I'm going to move with you" I said bubbly "OH MY GOD THANK YOU, glad you like your present" he said with a smirk.


I said my goodbyes Alfie "don't worry Perrie mum and dad will send your stuff over" Alfie said "ok bro" said she giggling "hey babe we have to go now" Luke yelled across the airport "well this is it I love you all so much, I'll come visit you all" I said letting a tear roll down my face. "Perrie our plane ride is only 2 and a half ours ok" Luke said "oh ok since where I Dubai yea ?" I asked "yea now let's go get some food before the plane journey" he said begging me "ok let's go"

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