The Death Of Me

You go to Dubai with Alfie but something amazing happens


7. 7.

I ran into my room and locked the door luckily Luke wasn't back so I locked the bathroom door to just incase I was looking through all the drawings it find Luke's razor I found it couldn't stop cutting I wanted pain in my life. I hated my life all because of fans of Alfie's said they wanted me dead cause I was dating Luke. I heard a knock at the door, it was someone I didn't think of it was Calum. "What" I said in anger "can I come in" he replied "yes" I said. "Perrie where are you" he asked I a worried tone "taking a pee" I lied "oh ok" he chuckled. I 'flushed' the toilet cams came out I didn't realise my arms had blood running down them "PERRIE" I heard allowed by a bang.

"Sorry I banged my head on the door" Michael said "idiot" Luke said laughing his head of "em hi" I said looking at Calum trying not to laugh "um Perrie again really" Luke said angrily "I…I" I stormed out i didn't know what to do all I have done on this boil day was cause trouble, I hurt the YouTube crews and 5 sos's feelings by cutting "I'm so messed up" I said to myself "babe come here" I heard Luke's voice "Luke I'm so sorry I knew it was a bad idea coming on this trip" I said sobbing into his chest "no it wasn't if you didn't come we would be a couple and I would get to see the best person ever" he replied with a grin. I started to sing to Luke cause he always wanted to hear me sing "be happy, I know that I'm watching you travel far and wide, waiting for us to meet again" I sang ending in a high note."wow I can't even hit that high, but your an amazing singer." He said holding my hand. It was 12pm the next day and it was my birthday I woke up a bit late… I was woken up by "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Luke screamed in my ear "haha thank you, know let me get dressed and I'll come down for lunch" I said taking a giggle fit "k but waiting here" he said with a smirk. I picked out a nice mint green crop top and a pair a white jean shorts, I had my hair down and curled the ends if my hair, I had a natural make up look on. "I'm ready I can't believe I'm 18 I can move and do stuff now" I said to Luke "I know" he smiled. As we walked into the dinning room of the hotel I could see big ballon with 18 on them. After opening my presents from everyone Luke had something to say " Perrie I know we have known each other for a little while and talked to your parents and they said this was ok I asked Alfie he was ok with it to but would you move to Australia with me" he said with a huge smile on his face. I looked around and everybody was vlogging it. "Luke"

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