The Death Of Me

You go to Dubai with Alfie but something amazing happens


6. 6.

It's about 6am and I woke up beside Luke who was on his phone on twitter he didn't see me wake up but was rubbing my arm.i saw my arms wrapped up in some sort of cloth, I sniffed a bit and Luke automatically looked at me "aw babe how are you" he said with his sexy morning voice "I'm good" I said with a yawn "what are we doing today"I said tiredly "well we are going to the water park we just don't know if you can go you know cause of your arms and your ankle" he said firmly "my ankle if fine now and so my arm will be to" I said with confidence "alright" he chuckled. As I was walking around with Luke in my bikini and bikini underwear and Luke with with swimming sorts on people where looking at me we my arms looking sorry for me "stay strong" one fan of 5sos came up to me and said "aw thank you pet" I said giving her a little hug

After the water park it was time for lunch Luke wasn't going cause he had to go out with the boys so I met up with Alfie instead "hey Perrie" Naomi said "oh em hey" I said looking abut sad. Marcus looked upset so did Alfie cause they saw everything "I'm sorry I shouldn't be here" I said about to run of "no stay" Alfie snapped. I had a tear rolling down my cheek then Troye sivan pulled me into a hug "Perrie we all know what you did but you deserve to live so please don't do it anymore" Alfie said letting out a sob

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