The Death Of Me

You go to Dubai with Alfie but something amazing happens


5. 5.

It was day 2 of the holiday and everyone was vlogging apart from Luke and I since we don't have YouTube. Ashton and Elizabeth where out in the desert for a camel ride and the rest of the boys apart from Luke where out and about. Alfie thought it would be a good idea to put Luke and I kissing in his vlog oh be was he wrong.

I was watching his vlog in bed with Luke and read some of the comments… I was butt hurt that night (not really in my butt lol) I had a tear roll down my face and ran into the bathroom and just sat in there for hours. It was about 2am and I heard banging and screaming at my door "PERRIE OPEN THE DOOR YOU BETTER NOT BE CUTTING" I heard Alfie yell "PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR" Marcus screamed I haven't cut for years but I hadn't thought of it so I thought it was time I cut 12 times on each arm.

Ok guys I'm writing about cutting cause I feel like it should be heard about it's not a good think I know what it feels like I cut before I had to go to hospital it is not fun so I would like to say if you are going through something just stay strong and if your feeling down watch some 5 SOS that helped me they saved me so they should save you. If you don't believe me search up 5sos self harm and they are giving us a talk about how we should stay strong and smile. Thank you for reading ! Luv you all ❤️

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