The Death Of Me

You go to Dubai with Alfie but something amazing happens


4. 4.

It was 8:00am the next morning and my head hurt like mad I was in my own bed but I couldn't remember last night. I wasn't naked under the covers hmm. I went down the breakfast it looks like I was the last one up, when did boys get up early, I went to sit beside Alfie but when I sat down the all laughed I realised I was still in my pjs

"Oh my god" I said in embarrassment "Perrie just go get changed and then come get break fast" Zoe said laughing "Perrie I come to" Luke said from across the table "I need to get washed anyway so" he said again "em alright" I said I felt rather confused today "Luke did we" I said quietly in the lift up to out room. He just smirked at me "LUKE DID YOU USE" I was shouting "yes I did don't worry" he said laughing "well can you get me a test anyway" I asked "fine but you owe me if this get in the news" he laughed

Luke went to buy me a test --skip to the part when she finds out-- my heart was fine where it was and I went red waiting to find out then the result came thought a little negative sign I let out a little scream "BABE WHAT" he said worried "IM NOT HAVING A BABY" I was happy cause I don't want children yet "ok Perrie I think we need to have a talk" "oh" I said quietly "Perrie please be my girlfriend" I thought I didn't hear him right "what" I said in a question "please perrie be my girlfriend" "YES LUKE" I asked and jumped into his arms

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