The Death Of Me

You go to Dubai with Alfie but something amazing happens


3. 3.

Luke guided me into the room to put the bags in then we went to Ashton's and his girlfriends room "Perrie I think you and Elizabeth will be great friends" Luke said with a a grin "you think so ?" I said questioning him "yea you to have a lot in common" he replied to me "LUKE IS IN THE HOUSE" he shouted "WELCOME LUKE IS IN THE HOUSE HEMMINGS" Ashton yelled "hey Elizabeth I'm Perrie I heard that we both had a lot in common" I said I'm my shy but happy voice "yes Perrie I have been wanting to talk to you forever cause I saw you in Alfie video and I always wished me could be friends" she answer in excitement "OH MY GOD GREAT WE CAN WE BESTIES" i said hugging her. We both gave each other our numbers them Luke and I had to go back and unpack.

We Luke and I got back he pushed me back to the bed and kissed me on the lips I could resist and kissed him back "sorry I had to do that I could hold it back anymore I really like you Perrie" Luke said blushing "don't worry I feel the same way" I said kissing him again.

At this point things got weird cause Alfie came into the room along with all the other boys of the YouTube crew "SHIT" I said under my breath. "Alright you two we will leave yous be" Alfie said laughing "good" Luke said giving me a smirk… tonight will be fun

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