The Death Of Me

You go to Dubai with Alfie but something amazing happens


2. 2.

As Jim carried me over to my seat I saw their faces in shock "sorry boys Kendall kinda hurt her ankle cause if tripping up" Jim said in his thick English accent "Oh babe are you ok" Ashton said with his big puppy dog green eyes "yea I'm fine" answering his question with a yawn.

Out through the flight the boys and I where just talking what we might be doing. All we wanted to do was all the cool stuff like going to the beach, skiing and going to the water park etc…

--skip the end of flight--

As soon as we got of the plane we had to get checked in to the hotel which was about a 1 hour drive. I wasn't allowed to travel with 5 sauce so I had to go with joe and Marcus which wasn't rant bad cause joe made fun of Marcus the whole time. Once we got to the hotel I found out I was staying in a room with one other person… Lucas Robert Hemmings

(I want to write about Luke and I will ok so byee)

Luke helped me into the lift with my bags cause of my dumb ankle "thank you" I said blushing "it's ok babe" he said with a smirk then playing with his lip ring trying to look hot "really Hemmings I know what your doing I can do that to" I said showing him my lip ring skills "wow" is all he could say

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