The Death Of Me

You go to Dubai with Alfie but something amazing happens


16. 16-the wedding

Luke and I where heading back to home to Aussie I was nearly into myself the whole flight and Luke was holding me. Our wedding was in a couple days and Luke and I where also talking about that, my whole family was coming over even the YouTube crew! I knew they would vlog it but I'm over it I didn't mind. I had already picked out my dress and Luke had his tux already.

--skip to the wedding--

I was sitting in the chair getting my make up done and my hair, I started thinking if Luke would want children and the pain of a pest inside me for 9 months but just laughed it off. It was time to walk down the isle, I felt ill but I was just nervous, I started to sing to myself at the mirror cause I was alone for a moment "she looks so perfect standing there" I did fell that way, this was my dream wedding on a beach on a hot day. As I walked down I saw Luke smirking at me 'stop' I mouthed laughing. It was beginning to get really hot I can't stand a lot if heat cause i can't breath then when that happens I start to panic which led to a panic attack. "Luke I can't breath" I said "don't worry I fell the same way" "no really I can't breath"

"Oh em em just try to breath, eh MEDIC" Luke yelled "PLEASE HURRY" he yelled louder "Luke I really love you" "Perrie I love you more". Alfie and Luke where helping I had to go somewhere cause it turns out I was having a seizure. Great. The doctor came out and told Luke "Mr Hemmings yes?" - "yes I'm him"- "well Miss Deyes has formed as brain tumour in her brain"-" what no this can't happed that's bad right ?"- "yes it is"- "well thanks"- "no problem sir". Luke came in to see me, "hey babe" he said "what did he say"-"well Perrie you have a brain tumour".

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