The Death Of Me

You go to Dubai with Alfie but something amazing happens


15. 15.

I was rather grumpy after what happened, Luke was shopping again with Alfie and Zoe. I was alone ! I decided to go out with Joe for the day cause we were best friends before I left for Australia. Joe and I went to Nandos ! (Nothing new) and had a day and the fun fair. Luke came to pick me up cause tomorrow we go back home. So we sat in silence the whole journey for some reason we where starting to have another fight. "Perrie let's have a break" Luke said.

Ohh did Luke just say let's have a break what will Perrie do ? Comment if you want to find out 💕

"But Luke" I mumbled before I was cut of "no Perrie we seem to always be in fights" he moaned at me. I started crying I never liked when this happened. Luke dropped me of at Alfie's and cried "see you in a month", I couldn't stop crying. I thought of my old abusive boyfriend, but Luke was already gone. Later that night I was home alone and there was a knock at the door "HARRY" I screamed "Hello or more Goodbye" he said laughing (Harry's is the old boyfriend) he held a gun pointing at my chest.

The time he pulled the trigger I bent down so I didn't get shot. I got up and through my best punch, he was covered in blood and then he ran. I didn't care Luke and I were upset I called him anyway. "LUKE HELP" I screamed but crying down the phone "PERRIE WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG" "Harry tried to kill me he had a gun and All" I cried "ok babe I'm so sorry for leaving I'm coming back to get you and we can work this out" he sobbed "Luke just hu-" i was cutting of something was wrong I couldn't breath I knew I have having a panic attack or anxiety. I could heard Luke scream through the phone. I didn't know what to do, Alfie came in laughing while I was on my knees gasping for air. "PERRIE" he yelled "Alfie…my…inhaler" I whispered. Luke was down in the hotel about a mile away so he got here quick. The door burst open. "PERRIE IM HERE PLEASE STAY WITH US" he cried, his eyes where puffy "Luke I love you". "I love you to"

Oh there getting married next chapter !!!!

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