The Death Of Me

You go to Dubai with Alfie but something amazing happens


14. 14.

Luke and I haven't talked for weeks, he just sleeps in the bed room and I sleep down stairs. I make him stuff for dinner but never says thank you, I don't know what to do. I sent Luke a message saying I'm going back to England for a week to spend time with family then the bedroom door burst open. "Perrie I'm sorry" he said crying, the thought of him crying makes me want to break down and cry for all my life do that what happened I cried for hours in Luke's arm he tries to calm me down but nothing worked. After about 3 hours I fell asleep in his arms. Luke wanted to come to England so he went along to, it was wet and rainy over in England so we didn't not pack any shorts etc. at the airport Luke got mobbed by fans as they all pushed me back. I kept calling Luke but I could see him, then a hand I knew grabbed mine, Luke grabbed me and pulled me up. After the bag check in Luke and I went for coffee up in the cafés which was nice.

After a long 16 hours on the plane we were finally in London. Luke and I had jet lag so we went straight to the hotel and went to sleep for about 2 hours, we meet up with Alfie and Zoe in London, Zoe and I went shopping for make up and clothes while Alfie and Luke went to Nandos and some clothes shopping . We meet up together, some it was a hot day (and we thought it would be cold) we went to the beach. Thank god I bought a bikini. When we got to the beach it was empty so we had it all to ourselves, I went to tan with Zoë the a shadow came over me and Luke whined "babe i want you to come into the water" I moaned "no Luke I'm tanning!" Then I felt I hand come under my back and head, Luke was carrying me dropping me into the water. "WAIT LUKE WHERES THE RING!" I shouted

The ring has gone missing I can't find it what I'm I going to do I'm so dead. I'm frantically looking for it then I feel I hand on my shoulder "Perrie it will be ok, we can get a new one" Luke explained "no Luke I was being silly this was so stupid of me" I said but then I little shine in the water caught my eye "MY RING" I shouted "what where" Alfie jumped "here" I mumbled

Hey guys it short because I have exams next week but anyway for over 200 reads!! Comment for more 💕 I'll update everyday after the exams byeee

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