The Death Of Me

You go to Dubai with Alfie but something amazing happens


13. 13

"You did nothing it's just creepy fans and weird man are trying to hurt you" Luke yelled "fine Be Like that Hemmings" I said angrily. I didn't want to see him to see me crying so looked away from him not talking. When we got home I rushed out of the car into the house and locked myself in the bathroom. I heard Luke knock at door "babe we will have out fights but I still love you, plus I bought you something but please come out I want to see you again" he sad with a sob.

I opened the door to see Luke in tears, his eyes where all puffy and red. "Luke I know we will have our fights but you have to realise that i get upset sometimes an I might go be to cutting ok" "wait your cutting again" he said I just looked at the floor not saying anything. Luke stormed out not saying anything. I guess this is another fight all because all me being dumb.

Hey guys sorry it's sort but thanks for all the love for this ❤️ I'll going to school now so I'll update later

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