The Death Of Me

You go to Dubai with Alfie but something amazing happens


12. 12

I woke up with people around me, still on the stage them looked up and saw luke crying. I felt bad I knew I shouldn't have came on stage it's all my fault. I was taken to hospital, I keep saying to myself I wish I could wake up with amnesia but not forget Luke and my family and the wedding that's all I wanted to remember.--next day-- i was awoken with Luke snoring "Luke" I mumbled "hmm What what" he said tiredly "hi" I chuckled "babe so I talked to the doctor and your going to be ok" he mumbled "great but I think it would be better for me to go back to Australia Luke" I said letting a tear trip down my face. "I know you will go back and My mum will look after you for a couple months" he said with a smile. I was taken out of hospital and flown over home where Liz would look after me.

It was really boring without luke I didn't know anybody apart from Luke's mum who was so nice. --skip tour-- I was waiting at the airport for Luke he was late as always. I was being to Walk away when somebody covers my mouth, I thought it was Luke but this person hands where way bigger than Luke's. "Who are you" I said into there hand "shut the fuck up and keep walking" the weird man said. I heard being out into and car and bag went over my head. I heard screaming from a known voice "FUCKING LET HER GO RIGHT NOW" I heard luke sream "not until you hand the money" the voice said "FINE" Luke screamed "PERRIE" he shouted but…

I heard the man shout wanting a fight. I got up and kicked him I'm the balls he fell to the floor. I grabbed Luke and ran to the car, "Luke who was he" I said crying "your ex" he said rudely "what's wrong" I said "perrie I worried about you" he said "why what that fuck did I do"

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