The Death Of Me

You go to Dubai with Alfie but something amazing happens


11. 11.

After laughing for at least 20 minutes Luke and I heard are name being called from the crowd we kinda missed 1D congratulating us so they asked us to come on stage. I refused to go on stage cause I panic a lot due to somethings. But I gave in us we walked on I just looked at the floor not looking at the up "babe look up" Luke said "fine" I said a bit pissed. The fans got louder when I looked up. I wanted to say something funny so I took Harry's mic "hi" fans scream "who likes Michael red hair that's looks like a girls period" then screaming turned into laughter. When thy where still laughing I felt a sharp pain in my waist, I crazy fans sneaked on stage and put a knife into my waist. I guess you could say I just got stabbed, "Luke" I yelled before blacking out and hearing fans yell "PERRIE LOOK OUT".

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