The Death Of Me

You go to Dubai with Alfie but something amazing happens


10. 10.

"Luke of course I will ! YES" I screamed, everybody started clapping for us on the plane and the flight attended said over the speaker "congratulations to the new happy couple who got engaged" I started to blush. Luke placed the ring on my finger and I hugged him tight.

Our first stop of the tour is London. The first thing I thought of was Alfie "Luke when we get there I want to see Alfie" I said "that's ok I'll drop you round then you can come to London" he said "thank you" I said giving him a kiss. I texted Alfie asking is everyone round at his place. He said yea.

I knocked at his door at Tanya answered "I'm here" I said "OH MY GOD PERRIE" Tanya yelled then everybody came running to the door "So guys I need to have a little chat with you all" I said acting sad "perrie before you do ARE YOU ENGAGED" Alfie said looking happy "well yes I am that's what I wanted to talk about I need help with planning the wedding" I said.

When I got back to London I went straight to the stadium, 5 SOS are the guest act for 1D, I got some dirty looks fans. I forgot I had my ring on but some fans came up to me and where asking if Luke and I where engaged I just told them you find out soon. When 5 SOS where performing I heard Ashton say "can we take a moment to say congrats to Luke and Perrie for getting engaged" I was happy that nearly all fans where happy for us then I got so many tweets saying congrats but a couple saying go die but fans defended me. After Luke came of star he told me we have to sit far away from the fans cause the might see us. So we sat backstage and watched through a TV. In the middle of it when nobody was in the room I got up and started dancing and singing along "I DONT CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK WHEN WERE TOGETHER" I singer along to happily, it reminded me of Luke and I, then when I was still singing I heard the door close and four laughing boys with their girlfriends apart from Luke. Their was Ashton and Elizabeth, Calum and Audrey (sorry if I spelled your name wrong) and then Michael and Yazmin. Luke came up and danced along to, I can really say I love this boy.

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