The Death Of Me

You go to Dubai with Alfie but something amazing happens


1. 1.

It was just a day in bed more known as a lazy day. As I have nothing to do I'm going to talk about myself for a little while.

Hi my name is Perrie Deyes. I live with my mum and dad and my Brother Alfie Deyes or Pointless blog on YouTube. I have Brown eyes and brown hair, I have got a lip piercing And the two normal ear piercings. I love in Brighton in England and I'm 17 years old and a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer.

Today I'm going to Dubai with the YouTube crew because my mum and dad thought it would be good for me to get out of the house for 2 weeks with Alfie and the rest. We are all good friends I just hate the heat, I was sitting beside Joe in the car who was really funny. When we got to the airport there was so many fans of The YouTube crew, some fans asked for a picture from me cause I was in some on Alfie's videos which was really cool.

I was being carried by Jim cause on the way in some rude fan tripped me up and I twisted my ankle. The time was 11:30 pm to be on the dot and our plane was at 1:00 am I was kinda mad case I'm not an late night person. When it was time to board the plane i saw 4 guys who I knew "Alfie is that 5 Seconds of Summer" I said quietly so they didn't hear "yes it is and guess what" he said smiling "what" I replied "your sitting next to them in this plane journey, I was talking to them last night over the phone and they can't wait to spend 2 weeks with you" Alfie said pulling me into a hug.

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