His Best Man

What happened to Sherlock when he met Isabell? Did his deductive reasoning skills fade when he was in her presence? Will this story end in a happily ever after? Read to see...


3. His Name

I looked up at the man. He was wearing a fitted suit that had no wrinkles in it at all. It must have just been pressed because I didn’t see a single crease in his clothing. I looked up at his deep, brown eyes. He looked right into my dark green eyes and laughed.

“Innocence,” he chuckled at me. What did he mean by innocence? I looked at his puzzled face and smirked. I was trying to seem sophisticated and focused on the task at hand, but he grabbed my hand and tugged me close to him. He looked to the doorway, watching to see if anyone entered the lab. A shape stood at the door. I could see a slim figure, female, with hair tied back in a knot. Molly I thought as she opened the door. I was not ecstatic to hear her reaction of me standing with a man in the lab.

Molly walked into the lab and gasped. Her eyes darted to me. I looked at her with an expression saying that I didn’t do anything, but she simply walked over and smacked the man atop the head.

“Jim, quit fondling other women and hurry. Our reservation is in ten minutes. We need to leave, now,” there was emphasis on the last word, NOW. She obviously wasn’t too entirely fond of the thought of her “boyfriend” touching me, a new employee. I looked up from the specimens of mushrooms to see “Jim” staring at me. My eyes lingered on his facial features. I had seen him somewhere before, I thought as he walked out of the door with Molly on his arm.


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