His Best Man

What happened to Sherlock when he met Isabell? Did his deductive reasoning skills fade when he was in her presence? Will this story end in a happily ever after? Read to see...


2. A Husband

" I don't know how to act with the wedding coming up and just the stress of marrying Mary. I just don't know what to do," John told me as I looked into the microscope that sat on the lab table next to us. I shrugged at his statement. "Listen, John, I don't know what to say to that. I only know the girl side of it," I told him. It seemed as if he didn't understand. John looked to the door of the lab. A tall, lean figure was standing in the doorway. He walked over to Molly and greeted her. I saw a smile forming on her face. Her hand was placed on her hip, as if trying to impress the man. He walked over to where John and I stood. "Hello, John," he greeted him as he approached the table."I believe that we have a case, an important case." He walked away with John at his side. I stood at the lab table, questioningly looking at Molly. She, too, had left the lab. I was the only one there.   I figured that then was the best time to work than ever. No one was in the lab and the equipment I needed was out. I walked over to my work station and started my assignment. I was to differentiate four different types of fungus and locate where they came from. All apart of being an intern under Dr. John Watson. I started to walk to the door when I heard a voice. "He is dangerous, Isabell, dangerous," the voice boomed into the room. I saw a figure standing in the doorway. It wasn't the same man as before. He was shorter and less lean. He had well groomed hair and didn't wear a coat. He approached me and put a finger to my lips. "Stay away from Sherlock Holmes. Take my side and you'll be safe."
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