Emily and Jake

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19. The next day

-Emily and Harry had got to IHop-

Waitress: Would yall like a table of two?

Emily: No we would like a a carpet for two

Waitress: My bad 

Emily: HAHAHA no im just kidding i.....we would like a table for 2

Waitress: Ok ma'am right this way then

-Emily and harry had followed the waitress to there table-

-They sat down and ordered their food-

-5 mins Later-

Waitress: would yall like to otder now?

Emily: Yash i would like the chocolate chip pancake and a orange juice

Harry: I would to............hhhhhhmmmmm I would like a Strawberry pancake with it layers with 6 pancakes and chocolate dizzled all over all the the panakes and i would like to have a glass of sweet tea NO ICE 

Waitress: Thanks........*writed on her little notepad*...........Ok is that all?

Emily and Harry; Yush 

Waitress: Ok your food will be out in a minute  



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