Emily and Jake

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3. The car ride there/ The experience at the airport

-Emily was at Pashions house- -Pashion had gotten into the car-

Pashion: So what airport are we going to?

Emily: Orange park one

Pashion: ok

--So they had finally arrived at the airport- --They had already gotten there plane tickets but they a little early so they sat in the waiting room-

-A little boy had keept crying anf kicked the back of Emilys chair (and yall already know how Emily is) and so Emily had gotten enough of it- -Emily turned around and said to the little boys mother-

Emily: Can your child knock it the hell off?

The little boys mother: Well sorry be more fucking respectful 

Emily: Get your child to fucking stop kicking th back of my damn seat or i will stop him for your ass, how about that?

The little boys mother: Girl, I am sorry that he is scared 

Emily: Well god damn let him sit behind you and see how the damn kicking hurt? and be a better fucking parent


-Pashion had pulled Emily away because Pashion knows Emily- -Emily shuted up and didnt say anything because she didnt want to get in trouble-

The little boys mother: Yeah ok got your ass on hush mouth now what you going to do?

-Emily turned around and was about to say something but than Pashion had reached over and told Emily to shut up- -Emily did-

The little mother: Why you listen to everything your best tells you to do? is it because you scared?

-Emily had yelled for security- -Security had came and said what is the problem?-

Emily: well I am trying to be nice and i had confrounted the mother about the little boys kicking and it really hurts and she called me a thot and everything else

Security: Ok Ma'am can you come with me please

The little boys mother / Emily: ME?

Security: No Emily the mother

-Emily had turned around just smurked than she heard he flit get called so her and Pashion had went up to the flit decing and got there seats-



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