Emily and Jake

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1. The Agurment

Dad: I said you cant go because you had just got a refurll for cussing out the teacher today  Emily.

Emily: But you said I can go no matter what happends come on its not just a concert it is ONE DIRECTION 

Dad: I dont give a fuck, i said you are not going 


Mom: what is going on emily?

Emily: Dad is saying i can go to the 1d concert because of the refurll and you know it was not my fault that i cused out the teacher you know when i get mad i will go off on someone

Mom: Let me talk to dad


                                           -Mom and Dad had went into the other room-

-emily had went to go see what they were talking about-

Mom: You know how much she loves One direction and you did ay she can go no matter what happens, and if she dont go than what are we going to do about the 1,000 we spent on them and we cant get a refound, and it was her birthday present

Dad: Yes i know huney, but still she gotta learn to behave with teacher and she gotta learn she cant get away with everything she does. 


-Emiley had heard he phone go off- -so she had went to her room to go see who was calling-

-by the time she got the it had already went to voicemail and it was her BFF of all time her name was Pashion Meriana- -Emily had called her back and they talked on the phone-

Pashion: Hey i tryed to call you but you didnt answer what happend?

Emily: yeah i know sorry about that my mom and dad are aguring because my dad said i coundt go to the concert than i told my mom and now they are aguring 

-Than all you heard was Emilys parnets yelling at each other-

Pashion: well uhm it seems like you are pretty busy so uhm i guess call me later when everything calms down?

Emily: Sure

-Emily hung up the phone than heard her mom call her-


Emily: coming

- she got down there-

Emily: Yes mom?

Mom: yes me and your dad had came to a agreement,

Emily: Yes,,,,well tell me 

Mom: if you dont get in trouble for the rest of the wrrk you can go this weekend

- Emily had smiled and gave her parnets a hug-





                                            -AUTHURS NOTE-

If you are still reading thanks! so much i know it is boring right now but it will get better soom I promise it will. 



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