Emily and Jake

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11. hemily (Emily and Harry) WARNING: SO DIRTY

Emily: So uhm i like your cuddling

Harry: I love to fell you?

Emily: Go ahead hun 

-Harry had stuck his hand in her pants and started to rub-

-Emily is getting turned on by that-

Emily: Right there 

Harry: right here?


-Harry is getting a boner and Emily is starting to get wet-

-Harry had started to take his shirt off-

-Emily started to un button his pants- -Harry took off his pants AND under where-

-Harry had got on top of Emilys naked body-

-Pashion, Niall, Laim, Louis, and Zayn just stood there in shock-

-Pashion and the boys was like ok then we should go get ice cream now-

-Because right now at this point Harry and Emily are freaking getting it OOOONNNNN-

-I mean like so dirty they are all in all differnt pooses and everything-

-At this point they did everything possible-

-Emily had put her hips over her head-

Harry: Uhm What are you doing babe?

Emily: Making the sperm stay in

Harry: Oh ok well we should probly keep an eye on that because like if you are going to be pregant we need to know how we are going to tell everyone and what we are going to name the kids.

Emily: Truuuueeeee i will get a oregancy test in like 3 weeks because then it will be more right.


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