Emily and Jake

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2. Friday

- Emily had came home from school with a smile on her face because she did not gt in trouble just so she can go to the concert, And then she walked in the house and went into the living room were her parents were and than she sat by her mom-


Emily: So uhm mom you know I havent gotten trouble like you said and uhm

Mom: Yes i know and i am so proud of you for not getting in trouble at all

Emily: So uhm, were are the tickets?

Mom: in my room 

Emily: can i get them so i can go to the concert in 3 days?

Mom: yes


- Mom and Emily had went upstairs to get the tickets out of her moms room-

Emily: Mom arnt you forgetiing something?

Mom: Oh yes dear here is your money so you can get somethings at the girt shop and for you to pay for your flit there and back

Emily: OMG THANK YOU MOM YOU MEAN SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Emily had got her stuff packed because she got to leave that night to go to the one direction concert- - Emily had called  Pashion-

Pashion: Did you get them?

Emily: Yes and did you get your stuff packed?

Pashion: Yup

Emily: ok be in there in 5

-they hung up-


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