Emily and Jake

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Name: Harry Style

Work: Singer (in a band named One Direction)

Crush: Emily

Bio: Hi my name is Harry Styles i am British and i have depression but no one knows about it. I hid stuff alot (but i dont hid my feeling or boner) DON'T JUDGE K? I was a virgin but than Emily had changed that all around for me. MY mun and dad is divorced because my dad had beat me and mum around. He was a gang called The Bloods. So all he knew how to do was beat people around like they are there slaves or something. I cant stand it half of the time so i deal in my ways of cutting. No i am not proud of it but that is how i deal with thing. My dad had killed my sister, because she wouldn't finish her homework ( i know right that sounds stupid).  But my mum is in jail because she murdered my dad in his sleep. I got away just time because because she was going to kill me to but i got away by my window. Every time i have dreams about that very night and how what would happened if i wouldn't have jump out my window. 


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