Emily and Jake

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Name: Emily Greene

Work: N/A

Crush: Harry Style

Bio: Hi i am Emily, Yeah i know what you are thinking you are probly like 'Who the fuck would want your ass?' Yeah i know i get it. I have low self-esteem. I also cut. I haven't told anyone but Pashion. I am bi-sexuall. Yes i am proud to attempt that i am bi. I am a only child because my older sister had killed my younger sister than she committed suicide. Ive tried to commit suicide once because i felt like i was no-one but than Pashion had cam into my life, and changed that like right off the bat. My mum is a junkie she smokes and does other shit. I am no longer a virgin officially. I saw some scared of cuts or something im not really sure on Harry last night so imma ask him about that. 

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