Love of your life


1. your first day of high school

You lived with your older brother Michael

Michael- Heather Leigh Clifford wake up

Heather- I'm up I'm already dress I just need to put on my makeup and do my hair

Michael- well hurry

So you went to your window and opened it and you saw a cute bot playing his bass so you open your window and you throw something to his window you made him jump

Heather- oops sorry I just wanted to tell you that your good at playing the bass my brother play to

Him- ohh cool maybe I should come over later after school oh and my name is Calum Hood wbu

Heather- oh I'm sorry my name is Heather Clifford

Calum- that's a pretty name for a pretty girl like you

Heather- thanks but I got to go and get ready for school so I'll see you later

Calum- ok I'll see at school

Heather- ya ok bye

But before he could say bye you was walking to the your bathroom and he was looking at your butt and that turned him on

So you got done and you walked downstairs and you see calum was at your door talking to Michael

Heather- oh hey calum

Calum- hey heather I just come over to see what up

Michael- how do you'll know each other

Calum- we meet at the window

Michael- oh ok well we better get going

So you'll got in the car and went to school

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