Love of your life


3. who's at your door

You said come in and it was calum

Heather - hey calum what's up

Calum- I was coming to ask if you wou-

He couldn't finish what he want to ask you because you run over and kissed him but he was in shock first but then he kiss you back and then you put hands around his neck and he picked you up and he went to close the door and locked it and then he come back over to and he ask

Calum- are you sure about this

Heather- yes! I want you so bad right now

Calum just smile and come on top of you and started to kiss your neck and you moan and that made him turn on and he start to take off his cloths and so did you but you'll did get to finish back you forgot that the other boys are here

Heather- calum the others boys are here

Calum- shit I forget you just got me in the mood.

Then you saw something that made you bit your lips and he saw you bit your lips

Calum- you want it

Heather- ( smiles)

Calum- sorry you can have some other time

Heather- but why do I have you wait

Calum- maybe tonight ( winks at you)

You want him so much right now but you had to stop because the boys was here you got dress and walked downstairs

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