Love of your life


4. later that night

So Ashton and the boys was just talking and I was just looking calum but then Michael said something

Michael- he guys I was thinking want if you'll stay to night

All of the boys- hell yeah!!!!

We all laugh but calum winked at me and I smile because I know where this is going


Heather- I'm going to my room goodnight guys love you big bro

All- goodnight heather

Then that all went to bed but calum and you was stay up. Calum walks in your room and he come off to you

Calum- Hey sexy

Heather- hey hottie

Calum- so are we doing this

Heather- hell yeah get you sexy butt over and kiss me

Calum just smiled and walked to you. Your stared to make up

Calum- are you ready beautiful

Heather- god damnmit just f**k me

Calum started kiss your neck and you moaned that made him turn on he started taking off your cloths and you started taking off his then

Calum- so can I (wink)

Heather- yes!! Pls

He slow went in you and your was making love

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