Love of your life


2. at school

So you'll got to school and you saw calum walked to this blond hair guy and you walke over to

Heather- um hey calum who's this

Calum- oh this Luke Hemmings his in my band

Luke- hey you pretty

Heather- thanks☺️

Luke- welcome😉

Calum was getting mad but you didn't know why so you just walked at way from the an then you saw Michael was this guy with curly hair

Heather- hey big bro who's this guy

Michael- oh this is Ashton his my new friend and this is my little sis

Ashton- nice to meet heather

Then the bell ring and you went math class you walked in and saw calum in that class

Calum- hey heather I didn't know we had mathe together

Heather- hey and want was wrong with you today when Luke said I was pretty

Calum just said nothing and then the bell ring and the next class for you was band you walked in there you saw Luke giving a cute look

Luke- hey beautiful

Heather- hey luke

So it was no talking in the class the hole time then the bell ring and it was lunch time you ate your lunch outside and when you was done your phone went off and it was Michael


Txt: hey heather me and calum are having his band over tonight so I was asking if it was ok with you

Your txt: ya that's fine

And then the last bell ring and it was gym time you had gym with Michael and the boys after gym you'll went home and you went to your room and did you homework but then there was a knock on you door

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