The art of hunting thin air

"How do heroes deal with these things? I don't think they experience the sight of red strings hanging from people's wrists. I therefore can't demand anything of them."
An eighteenth birthday isn't meant to be the day that you get powers, or lead to meeting actual Gods. But Megan isn't ordinary, after all she should be dead.


4. Epilogue


Control is gained and a boy is slapped


What do you think I did? I don't know your opinion about all of this, I can't know. But frankly, I don't care. 

I told that therapist the truth. It took me a lot to do it. But I told her every single detail I could think of. I left nothing out. Why did I do this? Because it was time for mankind to actually dictate their own lives, to not live a life they have no choice in. 

When I woke up in that hospital I found a pair of scissors in my pocket. There is no reason behind that. I don't think of how Hecate could have done it in the first place, or why she wanted herself and others to retire. But they are essential to what I have to do. It's why I carry now.

After I finished my story and she was trying to figure out how to shape apt enough words to form a reply, I brought that pair of scissors up to the circlet of red string at her wrist and I cut it. Then I did her next wrist. I carried on until she was free of string, and I watched as it dropped to the floor. I watched until I couldn't see it anymore. 

Hecate once told me, one night in a dream actually, that if I cut the strings they wouldn't die. I think it's because I'm taking the strings out of the equation all together and therefore, humans have the choice to die when they happen to die, whether that be of old age or car crash. They die due to circumstance and not for destiny. They live because of their own actions and not pre-decided thoughts.

One down, several billions left to go. 

It was a start. 

I walk out of Bright House Clinic with a smile on my face. This is my mission, this is my new curiosity. Because of me, hopefully humanity will have full control. Hecate knew that it would be dangerous, the Fates will realise eventually. But this is step one. She will help me with the rest. 

Today I go up to as many people as I pass and I give them control. They don't know it yet. They may never know it. Mom certainly doesn't, she's putting my behaviour down to a good session. But she'll know as soon as my therapist believes it, or as soon as she writes my report. 

I go back to that alleyway because I know who I'm going to see. 

I slap him when I find him. "That is for pushing me into a pool," I say to Caleb who looks more than downtrodden. He will spend the rest of his days making it up to me. 

He notices the scissors in my hands, "So I see ya have the scissors I gave ya." 

My mouth drops open and he chuckles at me. How dare he laugh at me. 

"I knew this whole time Princess, why do ya think I found ya?" 

I still can't say anything. I don't know what words to say. 



"Your mission is to save the world, but my mission was to find ya. I don't have strings because I was Hecate's test subject." 

"What about Wilson, why did you take me there?" It's the one question that I can think to ask. That curiosity has to be fulfilled. 

"I had to get ya to focus on the strings a bit more. Wilson is a Seer, he can see them. Plus I wanted to see ya get frustrated when he couldn't tell ya anything, because he is in fact just a child."

I slap him again. 

You may be questioning if this is the end of my story. It certainly isn't. But it's the end to what I'm going to tell you. You are a stranger to me, you may be a God who's finally listened to Hecate about going on retirement, you may be one of the Fates, or you may be no-one at all. You may just be an imaginary friend who I talked to, to deal with dying. This is your curiosity, this is your mission. You have your entire imagination and your entire life to ponder about what happened, or to hate me for not telling you myself. 

You have control now. 

Good luck. 

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