What Are You So Scared Of

"I'll break your heart"

"I might breaks yours"

"Nobody breaks my heart"


1. Prologue

Luke was just trying to find decent coffee when walked past the ballet studio, he heard 'Stay' by Mayday Parade playing so he peered in.

He saw her she was beautiful and graceful in her movements, her dark auburn hair whipped around as she danced in all black.

Luke hadn't really ever watched any dance well except for his cousin Kayla's recitals. But the way this girl danced was different. He saw a story like her soul was being exposed, he saw pain and anger raw emotions. It was like listening to a song an artist wrote from their heart you knew it was real.

Luke continued to watch her as she moved gracefully some parts of the dance were slow other parts were fast but the whole dynamic was enticing she was enticing. The song ended and she stopped looking in mirror panting heavily.


Stella saw him she was just dancing her pain away and he saw this made her nervous. Stella grabbed her water bottle and took a huge swig. He was still watching her as if she just did a strip show.

Stella packed her things and took her phone off the dock, she heard the door creak open loudly and slam.

"Hi, I'm Luke." Luke said his awkwardness showing he cursed this.

"Hi, bye." Stella quickly said she almost made an escape but his huge lanky body stopped her as she crashed into his chest.

"Can I take you out for a drink?" Luke asks he was biting his lip in anticipation of her answer.

"No I really have to go." Stella says she gets past him but he grabs her wrist and turns her around.

"Why won't you let me take you out?" Luke asks shocked he didn't really deal with rejection to well.

"I'll break your heart." Stella says an edge in her voice.

"I might break yours instead." Luke says he just wanted her.

"Nobody breaks my heart." Stella says coldly. She wrenches her wrist from his soft grip and stares at him.

Luke is tall, with bright blue eyes, he has a nice shaped mouth, a black lip ring which made him very kissable, a stray lock of hair had fallen from his quiff and was flattened against his forehead.

Stella thought he was perfect so she did what she did best she ran.

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