A not-so-spooky poem about a homeless ghost. My entry for the Trick or Treat: Spooky Writing Competition.


1. Haunt

It’s not so easy being dead
Without a home to claim,
If you don’t have a place to haunt
The zombies think you’re lame.

I tried haunting a mansion once
But I kept getting lost,
And when the winter finally came
It all seized up with frost.

Next I tried a garden bench
But then it gathered rust,
Cupboards, spare rooms, family heirlooms
All had too much dust!

When I had all but given up
I found the perfect spot,
Amidst a pile of rakes and tools
And someone's broken cot.

I'd found a little garden shed
That was no longer wanted,
It only seemed fitting that I should be
The very ghost to haunt it!

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