Chloe Nicole's Booktaculer Cover Store

Are you having trouble finding a booktacular cover for your novel?
Well worry no more because CHLOE NICOLE is here!
All I ask you to do is to fill in a quick, simple form and then relax as I take my time to make you a wonderul and spectaular book cover!


1. Form And Two Examples

Hello, it looks like you're in a bit of a pickle; you need a cover, I'm guessing?

Well worry no more, you've somehow found my cover store and I'd be more than happy to help you in this time of need; no matter what type of cover, fan-fiction or not, Justin Biber or One Direction, I'm happy and free to help all!

All I ask of you is to fill out the form below and then relax and wait for your cover.



Title; (Example: Safe In His Arms)

Author; (Example: Chloe Nicole)

Celebs; (Example: Harry Styles, Kendall Jenner)

Characterlistics Or Link; (Example: Blonde Hair, Green eyes, Female, Tanned Skin) (You will only need to fill this out if there is someone that's not a celeb on your cover)

Phrase; (Example: 'What If I Where To Love?') (You do not need to have a phrase)

Exras; (Example: I want the cover to be black.) (You do not need to fill this out)


That is the form; all you have to do now is relax, plan your story and have fun while I take matters into my own hands.

Below is the waiting list so you know when your cover will be published and how many people are in front of you, I will try and make the covers a quickly as I can.


Waiting List;

- Amanda Liz Payne






Below are two of my own examples, from my own storys.


1) Book Cover for 'Chloe Nicole's Booktaculer Cover Store' By Mrs. Chloe Tomlinson.


2) Book Cover for 'Safe In His Arms' By Mrs. Chloe Tomlinson.

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