Chloe Nicole's Booktaculer Cover Store

Are you having trouble finding a booktacular cover for your novel?
Well worry no more because CHLOE NICOLE is here!
All I ask you to do is to fill in a quick, simple form and then relax as I take my time to make you a wonderul and spectaular book cover!


2. Candestine For Amanda Liz Payne

I'd firstly like to thank @Amanda Liz Payne for being the first person to comment and ask for a cover and I'm more than happy to help! 

I have created three different covers, I personally think the first one is the best but it's your choice!


Option No.1;


Option No. 2;


Option No 3;


If you don't like any of them then just tell me, you only put one person on the form so I was guessing that you only wanted one person on the cover?

If not then just drop a comment in the comments section, thanks.

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