Going on tour with The Curly haired boy

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1. Rosie-Lynn's POV

”THANK YOU LA” The crowd roared as we ran off stage I ran over to the buffet while the rest of the girls sat and relaxed before getting ready to head to the office to sign the contract and tell our manager Todd {fake name} what our new band name is

“Rosie stop eating jezzes your as worst then me” Soph yelled trying to hide her laughter I should probably tell you our names I’m Rosie-Lynn Weaks then there’s my sister Chloe Maree Weaks and our best friends/ band mates Jess Paige and Kristen Marie

“Sorry CoCo” I said with my mouth full of food the girls just rolled their eyes as we got changed and left.

At the office

Connor’s pov:

We were sitting in the office with Todd waiting for our new opening act when 4 beautiful girls entered and the girl with purple hair complained

“I’m hungry Chlo do you have anything I can nibble on”

“No RoRo no food until we a finished you ate at the gig before we got here”

“Fine” she said slumping down on the couch

“Hello girls how are you all”

“Good” they all chimed in except Rosie I think her name was

“Rosie-Lynn Weaks get up and say something” the girl that I couldn’t stop staring at yelled Rosie-Lynn stood up and shook all our hands then handed Todd a piece of paper she looked at us and said

“Hi” before sitting down

“Random Kidds who came up with this” he asked as the girls pointed to Rosie who was biting her hair

“Rose” another girl said before flicking her forehead

“stop flicking my sister ok I’m Chloe Maree Weaks and this is Jess Paige, Kristen Marie and you have met my stupid, crazy, constantly hungry, loud yet lovable sister Rosie-Lynn” we all looked at her she didn’t move for a few minutes then she started to shake uncontrollably

“Rosie; Rose; RoRo what’s wrong” Jess yelled running and trying to calm her down Chloe looked down then shot out the door and back with a hand fan and a Carmelo Koala in hand she turned the fan on and gave her the chocolate once Rosie calmed down Todd said

“What was that?”

“She just got a little scared she hates have to be put on the spot unless she’s singing and I forget that if she goes without food for too long she’ll go into epileptic shock we were raised to eat whenever we please so if she’s hungry and we say no food her body doesn’t like that idea so it goes into epileptic shock is a kind of protest”

“I-I’m fine guys really” Rosie said still a bit shaky the girls then got up and sign the contract we all smiled at each other when Brad Leaped forward and caught something everyone all looked down to see him sitting on the floor with Rosie’s head on his lap and holding his Jacket to her head; her eyes where closed and Brad was talking to her trying to wake her up Jess and Tristan where both on their phone calling an ambulance “where the hell is Todd when ya need him” Brad yelled “he left to let us get to know each other”

James spoke back I sent a pic to the boys and the girls except Rosie and Brad saying ‘how cute are those two’ I got replies like ‘yeah’ and ‘aww so cute we have to get them together’ we arrived at the hospital to be sat in the waiting room “family only” the doctor said the girls stood up “ok then two people can go” we all exchanged looks “Brad and Chloe” we all said they nodded and followed the doctor in to the room

Chloe’s pov

We arrived at the hospital to be sat in the waiting room “family only” the doctor said the girls and I stood up “ok then two people can go” we all exchanged looks “Brad and Chloe” they all said we nodded and followed the doctor in to the room “so how do you two know her” the doctor asked “well I’m her sister Chloe” “and…..I’m her…….um boyfriend Bradley” Brad said quickly the doctor nodded and we walked over to her bed “is she ok doc” Brad asked holding her hand to put effect on his lie “well she has lost some blood but she should be awake any minute now she is a very lucky girl if she hit her head harder then what she did she would be in a coma you can call the rest of your group in now” he said as he left the room “she didn’t hit her head Brad caught her” “oh well good she is a very lucky girl to have you as her boyfriend” he said closing the door “I’ll go get them” I said leaving the room he nodded not taking his eyes off her I smiled walking down the corridor Connor saw me and ran over along with everyone else they pulled me into a hug “is she ok” Kristen asked “yeah come on lets go to her room” I said grabbing Connor’s hand and we walked into the room to find Rosie awake and laughing with Brad “Rose your awake omg” I yelled running to the other side of her bed and hugging her soon enough we were in a group hug when we pulled away she had pulled Brad down and kissed his cheek he blushed and she giggled “thanks for catching me Brad” she said “its ok love it was nothing” “no it was something Brad you saved my sister the doctors right if it wasn’t for you she would be in a coma” I said “Brad mate she’s right Rosie would have hit her head pretty hard if you didn’t catch her” Tristan said he nodded understandingly “I-I-I don’t know why I did it though I mean I just felt something so I turned around and caught her” “what do you mean Bradstar” She asked him “well I mean like there was something inside me that scream turn around so I did and I saw her falling so I caught her”

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