And I Hope It Stays Like That

Imogen-Hope is a 15 year old girl who is suicidal and is extremely close to killing herself. But when the popular boy at her school starts showing interest in her she begins to see light at the end of an extremely dark tunnel. But can Alex change her life forever, or is it already to late.


7. Chapter 6


When it turns 3pm whilst I’m in school, I instantly feel nauseous. But I can’t stop time from turning so I just deal with it. I walk out the school gates and I began to walk home. I usually walk home with about 6 other boys in my year but when we get 10 minutes down the road they have all left and I’m walking home on my own.  I don’t mind though, because I get to see her. The mysterious, interesting girl that no one knows anything about. She walks on the opposite side of the road to me but I look at her the whole time. She’s so beautiful and usually I’m not a shy person when it comes to girls, but when it comes to her I lose all sort of confidence I’ve ever had.  I can’t seem to pluck up the courage to ask her for her name, or why she always hides her face behind her long brown hair, or why she always pulls her sleeves down over her fingers when they slide up even the tiniest bit. I don’t know whether she realises she’s doing it, but she does. I see her.

Sometimes she catches me looking her so I usually just turn my head away and look at the ground to try and hide the tint of red in my cheeks.

I couldn’t tell anyone about the mystery girl because I don’t want anyone to know about her. As selfish as it sounds, I want her to be mine and mine only. And for that reason I keep her a secret from my friends. She’s my little secret.

And I hope it stays like that...

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