And I Hope It Stays Like That

Imogen-Hope is a 15 year old girl who is suicidal and is extremely close to killing herself. But when the popular boy at her school starts showing interest in her she begins to see light at the end of an extremely dark tunnel. But can Alex change her life forever, or is it already to late.


21. Chapter 20


“So you did. Shall we get going then?”  Imogen seemed perkier today. Happier. I nodded at her and started walking. We have only been speaking a few days but this feels like a routine now. I like it.

“Oh Alex, I just want to clarify last night I wasn’t joking when I said I’d stab you if you called my Baby again. My names Imogen. Please use it. You call me Baby again I will kill you.” Her voice turned serious and I felt my face drop which made her laugh.

“Jheeze Imogen, how violent are you?” I laughed and nudged her lightly in the side.

“Like I said I’d kill you, so about that violent.” You could tell she was trying to be serious but it didn’t work and she ended up giggling.

“Well I better watch my back hadn’t I!” I shook my head at and she nudged me in the side like I had done to her.

I don’t know what came over me but I grabbed her waist and turned her to me. I cradled her cheek in my hand and kissed her softly. I pulled her closer and she went on her tip toes to get closer to me. I pulled her closer and let the warm feeling spread through my body when suddenly she pulled away and stepped back from me.

“What did I do wrong?” I heard my voice tremble. 

She shook her head and whispered “Let’s just... keep walking.”

I did what she said but stayed a few steps away from her not knowing what I did wrong and feeling really embarrassed. I thought she liked me? Or was it just a plan to get to the popular boy?

We got to school and she started to walk faster away from me.

“Imogen!” I shouted after her but she ignored me. What did I do wrong?

Luke appeared out of nowhere. He had a habit of that.

“Hey Alex, what’s up mate you look sick. Are you alright?” He may be judgemental towards everyone else but he’s decent enough to me.

“I’ll be fine, just need to get my head sorted.”

“Tell me what’s up? We’re meant to be friends right? I can help.” He seemed genuinely concerned.

“Alright,” I whispered not wanting anyone but him to hear me, “I kissed this girl that I really like but she pulled away and wouldn’t tell me why. I mean yesterday we were fine, same with this morning. Up until I kissed her. We’ve also kissed before so it can’t be that she didn’t want to kiss me because we’ve already done it but, I don’t know.” I didn’t tell him who the girl was because I already knew his opinion on Imogen.

“My best advice is to move on mate. It’s her loss. Choose someone else, there are enough girls round here pining for you.” He gestured around the busy canteen noticing girls looking in our direction.

“Yeah, I know, it’s just, this one is different. I need to get my head sorted out and then I’ll be good. Thanks Luke.”

“Anytime Al’.”

The bell went for the school day to begin and I started walking to my first class, knowing I was being followed by at least 5 pairs of eyes. It made me sad though because the eyes I had fell in love with wasn’t among those 5.

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