Our Secret?

"My name is Ellie, I live in England."
"My best friend is Harry Styles."

Ellie Grace, the girl everyone wants to be, the one person the teachers secretly have high hopes for.

But no one admires her nearly as much as Harry.
Eliie and Harry's friendship is pushed to breaking point as they take on the challenge of moving their friendship into something more. x


3. We meet again

I awoke to the sound of thunder outside. My room lit up as the  lighting flashed across the sky. it was 6:40am so I decided I might as well get up.

Slipping out of the shower I pulled on a pair of black skinny jeans and a daisy singlet top. tucking in my top I grabbed a peach coloured jumper from the racks and pulled it over my head. Dusting my face with natural makeup, I pulled my hair into a half up half down ponytail and curled the ends.

I slipped into my peach coloured vans and ran down stairs.

" Morning dad," I called making myself a cup of tea to go.

" Morning sweetie, why are you dressed in casual?" He asked looking up from the paper.

" Im picking Harry up from the airport dad" I smiled checking the time.

" Oh, okay, what time does his plane get in?" He asked smirking.

" About 8." I poured the milk into my tea and grabbed my car keys.

" You better get going, you have to get through security and it takes 40 mins to get there. Shoooo!" I was pushed out into the pouring rain.

I started the engine and hit play on the radio.

Arriving at the airport in no time at all, I found a park and checked myself in the mirror. My eyes were defined in mascara and eyeliner and my face had a natural tan look about it.

I ran inside and checked my phone for any messages from harry or anything.


I got through security and went to Harry's gate. they were due to land five minutes ago. Just as I got there, they came working up through  the crowd. I screamed and ran at harry.

" HARRY!!!!" I squealed jumping into his arms

" ELIIE!!" Harry yelled putting me down.

" I have missed you heaps!" I smiled hugging him.

" You look amazing!" he smiled wrapping his arms around my waist.

" I'm Ellie, nice to meet you!" I smiled waving at the four other boys  standing before me.

" Zayn"

" Louis"


" Niall"   they introduced  themselves and I turned back to Harry.

"  So I hear you are part of a world famous boy band now?" I smiled.

" You could say so yeah!" he smirked kissing my forehead.

" Ellie, are you Harry's girlfriend?" Louis asked smirking and winking at harry.

I looked at Harry and laughed. " No, we are just really good friends." I smiled.

*cough* "friends with benefits" * cough* Niall joked. Harry punched him lightly and I held my car keys up in front of  Harry.

" You got a car?" Harry laughed surprised.

" Yes, I did Harold!" I laughed, messing with him.

' Boys looks like we have our ride" Harry smirked.

the guys piled their stuff into the boot of my car and climbed in. Harry sat in the passenger seat and rested his hand on my leg.

We jammed out to the radio and eventually arrived at the boys hotel. I walked up with them and Louis threw my over his shoulder.

" Harrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" I called in desperate hope of being saved. 

" Ill save you Ellie!" he called but before he could even move he was tackled by the boys.

I giggled so much it hurt as Louis threw me down on Harry's bed.

" ellie, do you like Harry?" He asked smirking.

" Yeah Louis he is a great person." I joked smirking.

" Not like that stoopid. As in like like?" He smiled.

I thought about it for a while. " Yeah, I suppose so." I smiled. " But he is just my friend okay?" I assured him.

" Ahuh, sure love?" Louis smirked walking out.

I followed Louis and we all congregated in the lounge room. I jumped on the sofa and Harry wrapped me in his arms.

" Looks like its going to be a longggggggggggggggggggggg day if this weather keeps up." Liam smiled turning the TV on.

" Day in?" I asked Harry poking his dimple.

" Day in!" harry confirmed poking my dimple.

" LOVE IS IN THE AIRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" Louis sang. I ditched a pillow at him and he took the hit pretty dramatically.

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