Our Secret?

"My name is Ellie, I live in England."
"My best friend is Harry Styles."

Ellie Grace, the girl everyone wants to be, the one person the teachers secretly have high hopes for.

But no one admires her nearly as much as Harry.
Eliie and Harry's friendship is pushed to breaking point as they take on the challenge of moving their friendship into something more. x


4. Day in? Day in!


I watched on as Ellie threw pillows at Louis till he shut up. She is truly beautiful. Her eyes sparkled as she laughed at something Louis said. I was mesmerized by her every move.

" Harry?" Louis asked ditching a pillow at me.

" Hum?" I asked coming out of my trance.

" Harold was starring at ELLIE!!" Louis chanted running around behind Ellie and I.

I chuckled and shook my head smiling.

I kissed Ellie's cheek and wrapped my arms around her chest. She leaned back sighing.

" Movie Marathon?" Liam asked handing Ellie a cup of tea.

" Yes please!" Ellie pleaded smiling at me.

" Okay Ellie, no need for those eyes!" I smiled covering her eyes with my hand.

" Sorry Harry love." She smirked.

" What movies though?" She asked frowning.

I chuckled and tried to rub the frown lines from her forehead. " Honey you need to stop frowning. Your getting lines!" I joked laughing.

she slapped my hand away and started laughing along.

" I don't know. Disney?" She asked looking at Liam.

" Sure!" Liam yelled putting the Little Mermaid on.

" You are such a child Ellie!" I chuckled.

" Hey!" she yelled turning her back to me and ignoring me.

" Ellie?" I asked playing with her hair. " BabY?" I asked kissing her cheek. " Please baby, forgive me!" I begged.

" Fineeeee!" she gave in.

" YAY" I smiled, kissing her cheek.

She got up out of my lap and went into the kitchen. The boys gathered around and looked at me intently.

" What?" I asked innocently.

" Oh nothing?" Zayn chuckled.

" EXCEPT YOU LIKE ELLIE!!" Niall shouted.

I slapped my forehead and sighed

" Who cares, its not like she likes me back!" I smiled. crushing the boys hopes.

I got up and walked into the kitchen. I wrapped my arms around Ellie's waist as she grabbed an apple out of the fridge. Yes we keep apples in the fridge, WHO CARES!

" Do they know?" She whispered smirking

" No of course not!" I smiled.

" Good!" she smiled kissing me on the lips. I chuckled and pecked her lips again.

" Good" she whispered and walked back into the lounge room, I followed swift and slapped her arse. She turned around, her mouth agape.

"YOU LITTLE" she whisper yelled slapping my chest. I just chuckled and pulled her in for another kiss.

She giggled and kept walking. 

This was going to be a longgg day.

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