Our Secret?

"My name is Ellie, I live in England."
"My best friend is Harry Styles."

Ellie Grace, the girl everyone wants to be, the one person the teachers secretly have high hopes for.

But no one admires her nearly as much as Harry.
Eliie and Harry's friendship is pushed to breaking point as they take on the challenge of moving their friendship into something more. x


2. A Team

" what are you talking about?" I asked pulling my ombré hair into a ponytail.


" you Ellie moo!!" Emily giggled poking my dimple.


" why you talking bout me girly?" I giggled. I flicked my hair back behind me. It sat at my ribs even in a ponytail. Sometimes it was really annoying!!

" I'm trying to set you up with James!!" She pushed me slightly.

" No!! I don't even like James!!" I smiled grabbing her ice tea and taking a sip.

" but you need a boyfriend!!" She whined taking her drink back.

" says who?" I chuckled.

" me you bum!!" She whined again!

I held my hands above my head. " no!! I don't need a boyfriend. cause i'm a party animallllllll!!!" I commented swinging my hips.

Emily giggled " hey its 1:29 weren't you supposed to meet Olivia and all that nine minutes ago?" Emily asked checking her phone.

" Oh my god yes!" I yelled grabbing my purse and running off to the side of the English building.

" Sorry I'm late girls I got held up" I defended hugging each of the girls in turn

" All good love!" Olivia smiled.

" Whats going on in Ellie land?" Katie asked stealing two strawberries.

' Honestly?.............not muc-" I was interrupted by my phone flashing Haz x ID

" OEEEOO who's haz?" Chloe asked nudging me.

" No one!" I teased answering my phone.


" Heyyyyyy Hazzy boo!" I coed biting one of my strawberries.

" Hey Ellie babe!" harry chuckled in return.

" Whats happening in Harry World?" I asked throwing a strawberry at Olivia.

" You wont believe what I found out!" He chuckled.

" What? What wont I believe... don't leave me hanging?" I gushed out.

" okay okay! im arriving tomorrow morning?" Harry paused waiting for a response.

" really? OH MY GOSH that's great!!" I screamed clearly excited.

" I understand if you cant get me because of school but I would love to see you!" harry smiled down the phone.

" No, its okay, ill come get you then we can spend the entire day together!" I giggled excited.

" Okay,  thanks love, ill see you tomorrow at 8am!" harry smirked.

" Okay, ill be there at 7:50am?" I smirked and chuckled.

" Okay love!" harry chuckled

" Bye hazy!" I smiled.

" Bye Eliiiiiiiie!" harry cooed!

I hung up and took what was left of my strawberries.

" Okay who is Haz?" Olivia asked twisting her blonde hair into a messy bun.

" He is just a friend of mine." I smiled using my cover up story.

" Okay Ellie, what ever!" Chloe chuckled unconvinced.

The bell sounded through the school and I gathered my stuff for drama.

Quickly slipping into the crowd of people I followed Isla through to the stage.

" Okay class, I am holding the envelope with the audition winners!" Mr Kemp our drama teacher held the suspense a little to long.

" Beauty in wonderland lead characters will be played byyyyyyyy..........."

Isla and I linked arms and crossed our fingers.

" Ellie, you are playing beauty, Isla you are playing the red queen, James you will play the prince, Tamara you  will play the white rabbit..........." the list went on.

" Ellie lets go find our costumes!" Isla laughed dragging me into the extensive room that was our costume department.

I held up a pink above the knee length dress, it was sweetheart cut and puffed out at the skirt. We threw my hair into a half up half down pony tail and secured it with a pink ribbon. My costume was complete. Now Isla.

" What do you think?" She asked turning around in a red floor length dress that hugged her curves perfectly.

" Amazing!!" I squealed.

we packed the costumes into our box and headed back to the teacher who handed us a script each.

Mr kemp was a balding man, he had a glass eye and a beer gut but he was a kind man and he pulled me aside as we rehearsed a scene without me in it.

" Ellie, I have got hold of a directing course for you and a movie audition." Mr Kemp smiled handing me the slips of paper.

" Oh my gosh, thank you a million!" I smiled from ear to ear.

" Now go rehearse beauty!" He ushered me off to the stage and Isla hugged me squealing.

Walking home I couldn't help but smile as I listened to Harry  singing.

I was going to see him.

" Afternoon mum!" I  called swinging into the kitchen and kissing  her on the cheek.

" Afternoon Ellie! Cupcake?" Mum asked looking up  from the recipe book.

" Mmh thanks" I smiled taking one, I wiped the  icing off with my finger and licked it. " You will never believe what happened today" I gushed laughing.

" Oh, i'm eager" Mum lent forward.

" Okay so I got the role of the lead in drama mum, anddddddd.........." I handed her the forms for the audition and the course.

mum read through the papers.  " Honey this is amazing!" she smiled kissing my cheek.

" I know, I'm sooo excited and is it okay if I have tomorrow off?" I asked smiling with pleading eyes.

Mum sighed. " Why honey?" She went back to decorating the cupcakes.

" Harry is coming back!" I smiled.

Mum dropped the wooden spoon. " Really?"

I nodded smirking. " Of course Ellie, are you going to get him from the airport?" She asked smiling cheekily.

" Of course mum!"

" Then okay. now go upstairs and rehearse and do your  homework!" she shoed me out laughing.

I grabbed another cupcake and ran. " Thanks mum!" I heard her chuckle as I opened my bedroom door.

My room had one of those window seats over looking the front yard. My double bed was devoted to pillows and curled up on my pink shaggy rug was my border collie puppy, Theo.

Dumping my bag by my desk I knelt down next to him.

" Hey theo!" I smiled.

he jumped to attention and leapt excitedly onto my bed. I giggled and headed to finish my homework.



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