Our Secret?

"My name is Ellie, I live in England."
"My best friend is Harry Styles."

Ellie Grace, the girl everyone wants to be, the one person the teachers secretly have high hopes for.

But no one admires her nearly as much as Harry.
Eliie and Harry's friendship is pushed to breaking point as they take on the challenge of moving their friendship into something more. x


5. 5.


the wind howled outside. The TV flickered on and off and then shut down completely.

Harry pulled me closer as I sipped my tea.

" What are we  going to do now?" I whined.

" I don't know Ellie Moo?" Louis whined back.

I giggled and slide down to the floor. Sitting down next to Louis.

" babe........" Harry complained. I poked my tongue out at Harry and leaned forward grabbing my toes.

" OWW, Shit!!" Zayn chuckled as I spun around into the splits stretching again.

" How do you do that Ellie?" Niall asked attempting it. I giggled and stood up.

" I don't know, I'm a cheerleader, I get trained for this sort of thing." I smiled walking into the bathroom.

washing my hands I walked out. Harry walked out of his room and grabbed my hand.

" You are so beautiful." He whispered pressing his forehead to mine.

" Not really." I muttered frowning.

" Yes you are calm down!" he smiled tilting my chin towards his lips. He leaned in closing the distance. I kissed back and treaded my hands through his hands.

" When are you leaving again?" I asked sadly.

" Next week, we go down to Australia. Want to come?" Harry asked smiling.

I nodded and kissed his nose, I ran off.

" Louisssssssss!!" I yelled running into the lounge room.

" El El?" He called back. I ran in and jumped onto the couch.

I grabbed my phone out and opened up Twitter. I was going through the recent tweets and called out to Harry.

" Haz, your fans are mean!" I yelled pouting.

" What are they saying?" He asked walking in from the kitchen.

" Mean things" I commented still sulking.

" okay babe, just ignore them." He smiled kissing the top of my head.

" Eww, Haz, now my hair smells like mustard." I frowned wiping my hair.

" Can we do a Twitcam?" I asked pleadingly to the boys.

Liam nodded and the rest of the boys jumped onto the couch behind me. I put Harry's laptop up in front of us and started the twit cam. I turned to sit down but there was no room.

I squeezed in between Niall and Louis. Pulling my phone out, I tweeted about it and checked the questions being sent to us.

" okay, first question. From @directionerariantor: who is the pretty girl with one  direction :)?" I smiled and looked up from my brown bear phone cover and into the laptop camera.

" I'm Ellie-" I giggled, being interrupted by Louis.

" HARRY'S GIRLFRIEND!!" I covered my face with my hands and shook my head. what now?

" Uh, Ellie, isn't my girlfriend." Harry muttered smiling nervously.
Louis held his hands up in surrender. " Muhokay, what ever. Just trying to push it along." He smirked.

" Niall shut up!" muttered. He hand been laughing away at the rest of us.

" Okay next question...." I looked through the tweets and found a funny one."Okay, this one says, if Ellie isn't Harry's girlfriend, Ellie kiss Niall." I blushed furiously and shook my head.

" Maybe that isn't one we should do." I muttered. Zayn chuckled and smirked.

" No, Niall kiss Ellie." Zayn smiled.

Harry stayed silent and I frowned at him. How can he kiss me and then let Niall?

Niall leaned in and I turned my face and he caught my cheek. Quickly getting up I grabbed my phone and car keys and ran down to the car park. I pulled out and headed home.

I had totally blocked out the radio as the thoughts ran wild in my head.

My phone started ringing but I ignored it. I wasn't in the mood to talk to Harry.

I pulled into my driveway and wondered into the kitchen. Mum was in there baking cupcakes.

" Hey mum." I smiled grabbing a cupcake and wiping the icing off with my finger.

" How was Harry love?" She asked smiling.

" He's okay, can I go on tour with them to Australia in a week?" I asked pleadingly.

Mum looked at me for a while. " You'll be safe? not just with other people but between you and Harry?" She winked.

I rolled my eyes but nodded.

" Okay then. You can go, but I except your homework completed and assignments done so that you are all caught up okay?" She pushed.

" Okay, thanks mum, ill go work on that now!" I smiled kissing her cheek and grabbing an apple.

YAY,  I think.....


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