11 Haven

When a high school prank goes bad...


2. The Scare


"This is not funny!" Mila exclaimed after pushing Tommy's hand away from her mouth. Tommy couldn't help but laugh at her expression.

"You should have seen your face! God, I wish I had my camera. You left the gate open, by the way."

Mila slapped his arm as she headed for the door again. "What are you doing here? I thought I was supposed to go alone. I can't have Cindy laughing at me come another school day."

Tommy looked at Mila's crossed arms, a sign that she was getting annoyed by the minute. He sighed, "Look, I can't just watch and let you get through this alone. This is dangerous. Who knows what Cindy really wanted."

He watched her skeptic face. "What, you don't think she has something planned?"

She sighed. "Fine. Just get this door open." She twisted the door knob again but had no luck.

"Maybe there's another way in. Come," Tommy held his hand out for Mila. She took it and followed behind her first and only friend as he passed through the tall grass.


There turned out to be a back door. It was so rickety it looked like it will crush to dust as soon as they touched it. She pushed it open and found a kitchen... or what used to be one. Everything was so dirty and neglected that it looked like a parasite's dwelling place.

It was an eerie place, alright, but not enough to give Mila the creeps... so far. Though she couldn't get the feeling of being watched off her mind.

"Jeez..." she heard Tommy whisper. He was using his phone to light the surroundings, muttering to himself.

Mila took a deep breath which she regretted when she inhaled the smell of the place. "Now what could I take as proof..." she mumbled to herself. She walked further into the house using her own phone to light her way. She reached what looked like a fireplace. There were picture frames covered with sticky dust on the wall near it. It was hard to see who were in them.

One frame was cleaner than the rest, though. Mila though it was strange, like someone just placed it there recently.

"Photographs work, right?" There was no reply. Mila turned to look only to see Tommy busy looking at the other wall. She shrugged it off and walked into the living room.

She looked through the front door and found that there was indeed a lock. Mila thought it looked new but maybe it was just the poor lighting in the place. She continued looking through the place and finally decided to take a framed photo of the house with two people in front of it.

"Okay Tommy, I got it." She called out.

There was something wrong.

It was quiet. Too quiet.


Mila took a step towards the kitchen. The floor felt slippery. When she looked down, there was some dark liquid oozing on the floor between her shoes. Her attention was caught by the sound of dragging. She ran to the kitchen and caught a sight of something being dragged behind the old kitchen counter before it moved through the passage to a different room.

Mila followed it and found an empty storage room. She looked down again and saw drag marks on the floor that ended abruptly.

Wondering where her friend was, a thump from upstairs caught her attention. Thinking it was Tommy, she decided to go there and knock some sense into him.

She had just reached the top of the stairs when a guy in black leather jacket ran towards her holding a knife in one hand and a lock of hair in the other.

Mila ran and tripped on something. When she looked, it was a body of a girl. Her head was bald and she wasn't moving.

Mila felt fear and helplessness as she lied on the floor. The guy was close to her now. He was wearing a mask that made his features impossible to recognize. He raised his hand, about to stab her when...


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