11 Haven

When a high school prank goes bad...


3. The Killer


Mila was somehow stuck on her spot. Her leg got caught by the girl's body and she couldn't get away. Just as the guy was about to swing, she threw the framed photo at him.


Mila's heartbeat stopped. She looked at the guy and found him removing his mask. What the hell?

"That wasn't part of the plan!" exclaimed none other than Jay, Cindy's boyfriend, while rubbing his forehead.

That must mean...

Mila looked at the body holding her leg and saw a laughing Cindy. She sat up and removed a hair cap, revealing her blond hair. What was going on?

"You should have seen your face, new girl!" Cindy cackled.

Mila released a breath. It was just a prank. "Nice one. Great acting, Cindy." She did a breathy laugh. She was just so relieved. "And the blood was so real I almost believed it. Okay, you can bring Tommy out now. I want to clobber him to death."

The couple looked at each other as their laughter faded. "Blood? Tommy's here?" asked Jay.

"Yeah." Mila replied.

"He didn't even want to cooperate with us." Cindy added.




Mila led the two downstairs to the storage room, pointing at the drag marks. She got puzzled when she saw their horrified faces.

"What?" she asked.

"This wasn't us." Cindy whispered, slowly stepping away from Mila and the door to the storage room, pulling Jay with her.

"What are you talking about?" Mila asked.

There was a soft creaking sound from somewhere. Cindy screamed, her face became ghostly white as Jay pulled her with him. All sounds seemed to have muted as Mila realized there was something, or someone behind her. Slowly she turned around and saw a door on the floor. Someone was standing near it.

Her eyes moved upwards and was greeted by Tommy's face.

Well, Tommy's face on a different man.

The stories were wrong. He wasn't dead. He didn't collect hair. He took his victim's faces.


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