11 Haven

When a high school prank goes bad...


1. The Dare


"Great." Mila drawled under her breath as she headed for the house at the end of the street. It was the Halloween Night and there were different decorations and children running around in costumes everywhere. Everyone was having fun getting treats or partying.

Well, at least everywhere but in Haven street. Nobody lived in this part. It was like a small ghost town within another small town. Yet, here she was, about to perform the dare placed on her by none other than Cindy, the school's number one nightmare.

"Are you up for the dare, new girl?" Cindy sneered as the bonfire in front of her played along by growing larger. "I dare you to enter 11 Haven - alone - and bring us back something from inside - as proof." 

Mila scoffed as she placed her hands in her hoodie's pockets, recalling that moment a few minutes ago.

According to stories, House number 11 in Haven street was the home of the serial killer that made it not only to the national news but also the world only to disappear without a trace ten years ago after killing his last victim, a girl from Mila's current high school. He was known to collect his victim's hair as some kind of trophy. Some people say that his ghost still lurks in the house, keeping an eye on his property, preventing people from finding out where his body is or something like that. Nobody dared to come near it... unless maybe if it came from Cindy.

Mila reached the front gate and noticed that the padlock was unlatched.

Better get this over with... was her last thought before opening the old gate. 


The house wasn't different from the others near it. The front lawn was unkempt, and there was this dead tree with branches hovering over the nearly dilapidated roof. Mila stared at the faded 11 on the wooden door. She jiggled the knob but it didn't open.

What was that?

She thought she heard something that came from behind the house.

She paused, waiting for the sound again. She stepped off the front steps and quietly walked towards the side of the house. The overgrown grass made it hard to see the back. Holding her breath, she crouched down and peeked through the gaps between the leaves. She thought she saw a shadow move from inside the house.

There was suddenly a crunching sound coming from behind her. She gasped and before she could even scream...


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