Lilo and stitch 4: team rocket trouble

After the leroy and stitch movie.

Things are peaceful on earth for lilo and stitch, but what happens when lilo has nightmares about a new threat coming to hawaii.
What does this have to do with lilo and what does this 'team rocket' need to conquer the world?

Find out in lilo and stitch 4: team rocket trouble


2. Lilos nightmare

Lilo was sleeping, until she had a nightmare 

(in lilos dream) 


lilo was running away from team rrocket

lilo: stop chasing me, leave me alone *screams*


jessie: no twerp, we won't stop until you give us the answers

Lilo: *scared* why me?

james: because you are the only one who knows the experiments and our boss needs them to conquer the universe 

Meowth: so hand them over.


lilo: no

(Stitch: lilo wake up) 

jessie: well

(Lilo heard stitches voice so she tried to reach him)

*lilo woke up to see stitch looking down at her in worry*


stitch: you Okietaka? 

Lilo: yes.... But I had that dream again,

stitch: naga worry lilo, meega is here for you, try to sleep. 

* lilo nods her head and slept throughout the night with no more dreams*


the next morning, 

Lilo and stitch walked around town in Kauai, they say mertle and her posse

Mertle: hey weirdo, done anything weird lately?


Lilo: For your information, me and stitch aren't weird, we are perfect in every way possible

Stitch: yeah

Mertle: yeah, whatever, listen weirdlo, in case your wondering, you are on our property,

Lilo: *sarcastically* really, I haven't noticed,


Lilo:*mimicking heckler*looks like someone needs to be introduced to a little concept called 

'Anger management'

Girls: *laughs*

Mertle: quiet girls, lets go, away from the weird people *referring to lilo and stitch*

Lilo: *sighs* they ever change do they?

Stitch: naga.

Meanwhile in team rocket headquarters

Jessie: well boss, were ready to go,

James: capture experiments

Meowth: to take over the world 

Boss: well, it's about time, you capture those pathetic experiments, *reveals hamster vile*

I'll deal with the little earth girl and 626, *evil laughs*

*at lilos house*

Nani: pleakley, can you babysit lilo again, I have a job interview in Honolulu and I need to make sure lilo and stitch don't get into trouble,

Pleakley: don't worry, we will take care of her

Jumba: as if she is a delicate flower,

Nani: *hesitantly* yeah, a delicate flower, just make sure she stays out of trouble, when I'm away.

*the door opens as lilo and stitch walks in with glum faces*

Nani: lilo where were you?

Lilo: *sighs* sorry nani.... It's mertle, she made me come so late, I'm sorry,

Nani: well *sighs* at least you weren't to late, dinners in the microwave.

Lilo: ok,

Stitch: *excited* meega hungry, 

Lilo: *laughs* of course your hungry stitch, you always were,

Anyway where are you going nani?

Nani: I'm going for my job interview in Honolulu, I hope the interview goes well and let me have my old job back,

Lilo: don't worry nani, try your hardest and have fun.

*nani kissed lilo and left with David. As they left, lilo felt something like the other day*

Lilo: *thinking* I wonder if team rocket are coming back*

Little did she know that they were on her roof,

Jessie: there she is, that twerp,

James: I thought we were getting experiments for hamster-wheel,

*james got a call and hamster vile screamed * it's hamster vile* before hanging up*

Meowth: forget about them for a minute, hmm I have an idea, listen up* meowth whispers his plan to James and Jessie who evilly agreed*

*the door knocks and lilo and stitch opened the door*

Lilo: hello

Jessilina: *cheerfully* hi there, you must be lilo we keep hearing about.

Jameson: we're here from a tv news, to report you on your behalf on the experiments.

Lilo:*blushes* well, I'm not that good but, if your here for us, I'm sure we'll have enough time. *team rocket in disguise laughed before turning to lilo again*

Jameson: good, I'm jameson the weather man, this is jessielina the main news person,

And.....ummm, whats your name,

Meowth:*facepalmed* spike Fresno. The camera man,

Lilo and stitch: cool.

Jessielina: great now, lilo stand over there near the rock,

Lilo: ok, *stands over there*

Stitch*thinking* something not right with them, meega keep eye on them.

*lilo stood near the rock and just as she stood there, she fell in the hole and flew up in a tube in the balloon*

Lilo:*screamed* STITCH, HELP

stitch: *angry* aggaba?


Prepare for trouble!


Make it double!


To protect the world from devastation!


To unite all peoples within our nation!


To denounce the evils of truth and love!


To extend our reach to the stars above!






Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!


Surrender now, or prepare to fight!



That's right!

Stitch: *growls* meega should known its you three,

Jessie: listen twerp, were only here so we can stop you from ruining our plans,

James: yeah so we pretended to be news reporters,

Meowth: so you would foil our- my plans

Lilo: why do you,always get me, honestly why,

James: quiet twerp, were only doing what we thing is right, and that's 

Meowth: to stop you 

Jessie from ruining our plans.

Lilo: *sarcastically* yeah yeah whatever, you said that hmm oh I don't know TWELVE?

Stitch get them

Stitch: finally. * attacks them* 

James: victory bell out you come *victorybell came out but bit into James, much to meowth and Jessie's annoyance*

James: don't bite me, attack them, 

Jessie: come out arbok *arbok came out* 

James: victory-belle use poison jab *poison jabs stitch but stitch dodges*

Jessie: arbok use poison sting *arbok uses poison sting but stitch dodges again*

Lilo: ok stitch it's up to you now, 

Stitch ih. *attacks them and bit into there balloon*

*team rocket screams as the the balloon explodes*

Jessie: I had it whose twerps

James: they are so annoying

Meowth: oh well, my plan almost worked,

All: team rockets blasting off again *star twinkles*

*lilo falls to the ground, but was caught by stitch* 

Lilo: thanks stitch, I wonder what those were up to, 

Stitch: naga bootifa, 

Lilo: your right, lets go *lilo looked at the sky*

Lilo thinking* they keep coming back after me, could they.... No.....they....wouldn't....

Maybe something bigs happening.....nah,

Too bad shes right..

Meanwhile in team rocket headquarters

Jessie: grr who do they think they are?

James: those are sure pesky guys aren't they?

Meowth: don't worry my minions, well need to get them next time, right boss?

Hamster vile: yes, and when the time comes, I shall be the ruler of the galaxy, hahahahaha.

What does he mean by "when the time comes" and what does lilo mean by " something bigs happening"?

Only one way to find out. Tune in next time for the lilos sacrifice, episodes

To be continued

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