New School

Hey I Maddie Irwin. Yes I'm Ashton's sister. When transfer from my all girls private school to my brother's high school I meet his friends. Things are different now. Read to find out!


1. Last Day

Maddie's POV

The bell rings at 3:00 shark on the last day of school. Thank god that's over I hate Algebra! I meet Lily by the big tree by the parking lot.

"I'll miss you so much!" my best friend, Lily, says with a sad face. Lily has been my best friend since kindergarten and we do everything together. Now we're 13 almost 14 and graduating our all girls private school in 8th grade.

"Lily, we'll probably see each other more than once a week.", I say with a smirk. "That is true. We've had each other's phone numbers since we got our cell phones.", she replies.

We go our separate ways I get into my mom's car expecting-of course-my mom. "Can we turn on th-", I start. "OhmygoshAshtonImissedyousomuchIcan'tbeliveyou'rebackearlyIloveyouIloveyouIloveyou!", it all comes out in one breath.

There, sitting next to me, is my older brother, Ashton Irwin.

Ashton's POV

She is going to be so surprised that I'm here. I wonder what she looks like. Or what her favourite song/band is? Or what her style is? Good Lord so many questions.

I take out my phone and check my texts. A text from Calum.

Calum: Can u show me a pic of ur sis?😜

Me(Ashton): She's not here yet Mr.😜

Me: Creep

Calum: Heeeeeeeeeeey😢

Me: Just kidding I'll send you one when she gets in the car

Calum: Yaaaaaaaaay does she look like u?

Me: idk I haven't seen her in a while

Just then the car door opens. She looks surprised then happy then says,"OhmygoshAshtonImissedyousomuchIcan'tbeliveyou'rebackearlyIloveyouIloveyouIloveyou!",all in one breath. "Whoa calm down Madds."

She hugs me and I ask,"Can we take a selfie? Calum really wants to know what you look like. But you still look about the same." We take the pic and send it. Calum responds almost immediately.

Calum: She's pretty

Me: Thx -Maddie🌺

Calum: Wait am I talking to Maddie

Me: Yup -Maddie🌺

Calum: Hi

Me: Hi Calum

Calum: GTG Byeeeeeee

Me: Bu By

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