Phan(Dan & Phil) version Heat-Haze Days

I don't own Dan & Phil, I don't own the plot nor the video, I don't own anything except maybe the cat. I wish Phan is true but I won't be appreciated if they die like this. Credits goes to Dan & Phil, Jin and Wannyanpuu.

Bless the Queen of unofficial PV that deceives everyone to believe that it is.


2. I kind of lied because I forgot to finish the story so I had to write another one.

Phil's POV

I woke up on my bed, the tears on my face tells me that this haven't end.

The ginger cat jumped in from the window, and jumped into my arms as I cradled it.

Last time... he died. Again. I don't want to face it again. Yet we, both of us, will.

"I guess... I failed again." I muttered, and the clock strikes twelve.



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