Phan(Dan & Phil) version Heat-Haze Days

I don't own Dan & Phil, I don't own the plot nor the video, I don't own anything except maybe the cat. I wish Phan is true but I won't be appreciated if they die like this. Credits goes to Dan & Phil, Jin and Wannyanpuu.

Bless the Queen of unofficial PV that deceives everyone to believe that it is.


3. After words don't count as a chapter or maybe it do but I don't care :D


Meow. :3

I am really embarrassed right now for being so "creative" coming up with this idea of combining Phan and Heat-Haze Days together. It's probably not the best idea but I don't see this one shot on internet so I decided to write it.

If you haven't seen the video yet you can see it now since Wannyanpuu had done a great job on her PV. And note, this is unofficial PV so if you want to hear the official PV of Heat-Haze Days, well too bad because I really... kind of... don't like it.

Blame my crappy English if my writing sucked. :D

Spell check is my best friend. :D

Oh I wish that the cat was me. :3



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