No Way Out

It was Halloween night in a country not far from here.
In a corn maze the murder became clear.


1. No Way Out

I woke up in a corn maze. I had no idea how I had gotten there. I couldn't even remember my own name, let alone the man standing over me! There's a body next to me - a boy.  I'm pretty sure he is dead or at least nowhere near being able to be saved.
 'It's not safe here.', I thought to myself. The man, or at least I think it's man. Let's just call it a hooded figure. The hooded figure standing over me still hadn't moved or said a word.

Suddenly, my brain started to register everything that was happening. I must have been kidnapped by whoever it was that was standing over me, and yet I was just laying here motionless. Awake, but not at the same time.

Allof a sudden I felt alert and awake again and I was running away from the body and the hooded figure. Wait no. Just the body. The hooded figure was nowhere to be seen.

I took a sharp right turn and ended up at a dead-end. I turned around and the hooded figure was behind me. If I ran now, I can make it out of the dead-end before he got in it. I ran. I was so close, but he was there. I had to do something, so I cut through the corn.

The leaves were cutting my arms and somehow I had managed to lose one of my shoes, but I kept running. I finally found a path and slowed down, hoping I had lost him. I took a right and I found myself in a small clearing with no other exits. I turn to go back the way I came, but there, walking towards me with a knife, was the hooded figure. I turned, scanning the corn, looking for a way out. That's when I realize there were more of them. Tons and tons of tall, dark figures  surrounding me. They were moving closer, and there was no way out!

I screamed and one of the hooded Figures behind me hit me over the head with the butt of his gun. 

The next thing I knew I was waking up in the deserted warehouse, tied to a chair and gagged. There was a man pacing in front of me.
 "Sorry sweetheart, we had to knock you out. Couldn't risk anyone hearing you.", he whispered.  I started to struggle against the ropes binding me to the chair. 
 "Now, now little girl, you wouldn't want me to have to use this gun would you?", he asked me, pressing the barrel of the gun against my head.

I stopped struggling.  He pulled the cloth that was gagging me out of my mouth "What do you want from me?", I asked him.
 "Just some important information someone interested you with." he said as he walked around me not letting the gun drift far from my head.
 "Well good luck with that. Since you knocked me out, I can't even remember my own name, let alone give you information."
 His steps faltered and he paused for a minute.  "I'll get it don't worry," he whispered, with a sly smile.
 "I will never tell you even if I could remember what you want.", I snarled under my breath.
 "Well then you will pay the consequence and die!". A loud gun shot echoed throughout the warehouse and everything in my mind went black. I heard yelling and it took me what seemed like hours to decipher where it was coming from.
 "You idiot what are we going to do now?" yelled hooded figure. He sounded angry, even frustrated. I heard rustling of cloaks, and a sharp intake of breath.  My mind was going fuzzy around the edges and there was that small part of my brain that was wondering if any of this was really happening. I forced my eyes to open, only for them to be greeted by something horrible. Something gruesome. Something unimaginable: a murder, by the hands of a tall man. He looked as if he hadn't shaved in weeks, even with my mind focusing in and out. I looked as close as I could. He looked familiar with the same warm blue eyes that I always saw before I fell asleep as a child.
 "Dad?" I croaked. My voice sounded awful and my chest was hurting like crazy where the one hooded man shot me.
 Dad ran over, gripped my face, and the last thing a saw was a tear rolling down his face and I heard one last thing:
 "I love you. I'm so sorry my little baby girl."
 Then my world stopped spinning, and everything was gone

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